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Bail Bonds

No matter the charge or amount of bail, 1 Bail Bond Agency will post the bond. We will post bonds anytime or anywhere in Southeastern Michigan or U.S
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Fast Response Time

1 Bail Bond Agency knows how important freedom is and will move quickly to get you released from jail, no matter what day or time!
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The Process

There are different bonds and different processes. Most bonds can be done quickly with the proper signer. Learn about how bail bonds work.
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24 Hour Service

1 Bail Bond Agency always answers the calls. We will make all arrangements for your release.
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Get Out of Jail in Michigan or
Anywhere Fast

Is someone you know locked up in a Michigan jail? Are you wanting to get that person out so that they can go to work, take care of family or business, or take care of legal issues? Sometimes the court system is confusing and 1 Bail Bond Agency is here to guide you through the process.  We are located in Monroe Michigan, however we will travel to any Southeastern part of Michigan.  We also have agents that work with us throughout United States.  In fact we have partners in many states as well as offices in Ohio.

1 Bail Bond Agency has been in the bail bonding business for over 15 years in Monroe Michigan and Ohio. We will locate an inmate and get all information needed to get them released from jail fast. We will work with family members, friends, or employers to get the accused back to their normal life as soon as possible. We understand how important freedom is and how dangerous jail can be, that is why we work so fast to get someone out of jail. No matter the charge or the bond amount we are there to get you out of jail without prejudice towards anyone.

Now-a-days money is tight and paying bail money can put a strain on a family. That is why at 1 Bail Bond Agency we can help by creating a personized affordable payment plan. We do not put everyone in a category, we take each case individually and work with you to make sure that there are no surprises later.
1 Bail Bond Angency | Jail | Michigan | Bail Bonds | Get Out Fast | Bail | Post Bond | Michigan | Jail | MI | Fast
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24 Hour Service

We are available no matter what time!  If you find yourself needing help getting someone out of jail, just call 734-240-3899
Affordable Plans

We understand that money is tight now days. That is why we offer affordable payment plans to qualified signers.

This whole process can be confusing to most, and that is why we work with you to make sure you understand everything.
Affordable Bail Bonds in Michigan

Get out of jail now!  1 Bail Bond Agency offers personalized affordable bail bonds in Michigan. A different kind of bail bondsman, we are honest, upfront, and committed to getting people out of jail as quickly as possible. Courteous, reliable, and backed by years of experience, you can always count on us for fast results with affordable payment plans!
Everyone can make a mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes have consequences. If you, a friend or a loved one has found themselves in jail due to such a mistake, it can feel like the world is crashing in around you. The judge has likely set a bail amount. For many, bail is out of reach. It is a significant amount of money that few of us have on hand or in the bank these days. You need a solution. 1 Bail Bond Agency provides quick bail services for persons in need of bail money. We will work with you to post bail, secure release from a holding facility or county jail, and then work with you to meet all required court assignments.

At 1 Bail Bond Agency, we have a history with facilities, judges, and court networks. We know how to handle bail, how to secure release, and who to work with to make everything happen. Our experienced bail bond agents have worked in the areas of Michigan and Ohio for decades, and licensed to write bonds in states where surety bonds are accepted.

Most any court, any crime, any size bond; that is a mission we have long stood by to help the community. No matter what the charge, our bond agents can help secure your 'freedom'. If the judge sets bail, then we can work with you to meet the amount. Of course, obtaining release does take time. The holding facility likely has its own rules and regulations in place. There are procedures to complete beforehand. We will work with the facility to secure the release of the defendant! Sitting behind bars is never fun, no matter the situation. You will want to secure your release as quickly as possible. Well, so do we. Your 'freedom' is important and why we make ourselves available around the clock!

1 Bail Bond Agency has worked for over 15 years in the area, helping people post bail and get out of jail. No matter the amount, no matter the crime, and no matter the time; someone will be available to help. Whether it is midnight during the week or the early morning hours on the weekend, you deserve access to assistance that can make a difference. That is just what you will find here. With 24-hour, 7 days a week service, 1 Bail Bond Agency remains the leading provider of bail bond services in the Michigan, Ohio and states where surety bonds are accepted.
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